She’s amazing to work with! Krista works on several projects. Some are very big picture — looking years into the future, thinking about growth and big goals. Other projects are more granular such as carefully re-writing a paragraph in our Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Her sharp intelligence, professional experience and dedication to human and animal rights come through no matter what she’s working on. She has saved us money both from her excellent advice but also because she often comes in under budget. She’s very aware of how precious nonprofit dollars are! The icing on the cake, to me, is her wonderful personality. Human resources training can be difficult. I love how she gives blunt advice that cuts right to the root of the problem without losing her sense of compassion for the people involved. And when we’re working on more mundane things (like testing the conference link for a company-wide training) she always makes us laugh. She is an incredible asset to the animal movement. Every time I talk to her I’m grateful she took us on as clients!