About Krista

Dr. Krista Hiddema is an esteemed eco-feminist, social justice activist, and consultant dedicated to fostering potential in individuals while honoring all forms of life. With a rich background spanning nearly three decades across various sectors, Dr. Hiddema is a staunch believer in the interconnection of oppression, advocating that aiding animals simultaneously benefits humans and the environment.

As the Chief Philanthropy Officer for Vegan Grants, Dr. Hiddema leads initiatives to advance compelling messages that promote vegan diets and lifestyle changes to mainstream and influential audiences, thereby contributing significantly to the movement toward a vegan world.

Her transformative work with Mercy For Animals in Canada, where she revealed the hidden truths of animal agriculture through ground-breaking undercover investigations, has led to monumental legal achievements for animal rights and substantial media exposure.

In her current endeavors, Dr. Hiddema provides her expertise to North American animal protection organizations, focusing on their organizational development and fostering healthy work environments for activists. She holds an esteemed position as Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, mentoring master's students, and contributes to the Journal of Critical Animal Studies and the Animals & Society Research Initiative.

Dr. Hiddema's initial career trajectory took her to executive heights in corporate America, including leadership in human capital management and organization development. Her role as a vice president of human resources for a global software giant and her ten-year tenure as a partner at a Canadian law firm specializing in employment and labor law showcase her versatile and impactful career.

With five academic qualifications to her name and her pursuit of a doctorate, Dr. Hiddema is a transformative 'Pracademic'—a scholar who harmonizes practical activism with academic rigor—advocating for a just and compassionate world for all beings.