Krista is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to a diverse array of audiences. Whether she is engaging with university students, enriching their academic journey with her expert insights on animal advocacy and eco-feminism, or captivating attendees at outdoor festivals such as at farm sanctuaries with her transformative ideas, Krista's presentations are both informative and empowering. Her versatile speaking abilities allow her to connect with each audience, from the halls of academia to the heart of the community, igniting a shared vision for a more compassionate and sustainable world.

You can hear a pin drop when Krista speaks about what she’s most passionate about in the world: helping animals.

Krista’s enthusiasm for making the world a kinder place for all spills over, and you can’t help but want to see what she sees, feel what she feels, and do what she does, which is GET INVOLVED. I highly recommend Krista as a speaker. You’ll leave feeling awed and empowered.

Jo-Anne McArthur / Photographer, Author, Founder

We Animals

Krista Hiddema has the innate ability to communicate and connect with an audience comprised of various demographics and milieus.

She is able to engage participants in active discussion with the end result being a clearer understanding of the subject at hand by both panelists and audience. I was honoured to have Krista as our moderator for a recent international panel discussion on the humanity involved in high-risk animal rescues from war torn countries.

Dana Margolis, Executive Director

The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation

Krista’s ability to command the stage, engage the audience, and have them sit up in their chairs was notable.

She is knowledgeable, factual, inspirational, and delivered a concise message that was completely in alignment with the events mission. Every life counts. And we each have the power to change the world for the better, for people, animals and planet.

Madeleine Marentette, Producer, CEO

Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

One of the most powerful and inspirational speakers I have ever heard.

Krista is an extraordinary, passionate and engaging speaker who brings a wealth of information and deeply personal experiences to touch both the heart and intellect of her audience. Krista’s powerful messages of compassion and empathy inspires, motivates and empowers her audiences to want to create a better world for both people and animals.

Kimberly C. Moore, Esq. / Attorney, CEO Greenbrier Residential Property, Director of Public Relations

Fur Free Society Inc.

Krista delivers her important message about saving our planet with intense passion, intelligence, and fabulous humour.

Her thorough knowledge on the subject of the environment and how becoming vegan helps all the females on earth combined with her natural charisma moves the audience and inspires immediate action.

Carla Collins

Carla Collins