On this page, you’ll discover a collection of heartfelt testimonials from organizations and individuals alike. These stories come from those who’ve journeyed with me through strategic planning workshops and other forms of organizational development coaching. They offer a glimpse into the transformative experiences we’ve shared, highlighting the impact of our collaborative efforts on both personal and organizational growth.

Your wisdom, compassion, and passion for your work was apparent from the moment I meet you.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for including Barn Sanctuary and me, in particular, in your Strategic Planning series. I’m new to this movement and I learned so much from your years of being at its forefront. To find your life’s passion and make the commitment to devote your skills and intelligence to it is admirable. 

Your wisdom, compassion, and passion for your work was apparent from the moment I meet you. Your thoughtfulness, intelligence, and humor made every class of our Strategic Plan for Animal Action webinar series rich and dynamic. You are not only eager to share your knowledge but also to learn from your students and make everyone feel welcome and heard. The experience was invaluable to me and our organization. 

Thanks again, Krista!

Cynthia VanRenterghem 

Barn Sanctuary

Being in Krista’s class is a privilege and a blessing. You effortlessly learn about the most intrinsic topics with the most inspiring person you would ever meet in your life.

She is transparent, objective, intense, full of information, references and data, and also full of emotion, love and care for the vegan movement and for her students. You can see the fire in her eyes and heart. For me it is absolutely clear that this is her mission, to capacitate activists so they can be their better versions and create greater impact in the world. I will probably see results of what I have learned for years to come. And Krista, you became a true friend. Thank you so much for being YOU!

Marcela Borges, Diretora de Planejamento e Captação de Recursos, Director of Strategic Development and Fundraiser

Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira - SVB

Krista’s strategic planning course is an excellent way for any organization to further its development.

Her expertise and thoughtfully planned programme structure provided the necessary guidance and confidence we needed to create an outstanding strategic plan.

Krista utilized a healthy mixture of direction and inquiry-based learning to facilitate conversations which prompted us to explore our true goals, weakness and potential. We are proud of the plan we developed under Krista’s guidance and are thrilled by the prospect of finally implementing it to navigate the world of fundraising.

If you’re ready to work hard to see your organization reach its full potential, then I strongly recommend Krista’s program for guidance!

Allison Penner, Executive Director

Reimagine Agriculture

Krista is an amazing teacher and advisor.

In her strategic planning class her explanations of extremely important bodies of knowledge for developing organizations were always exceptionally clear and engaging. The structure of the course and the assignments were very well laid out, with the material and assignments from the earlier classes laying a solid foundation for those of the later classes. Krista was absolutely dedicated to helping us through the process, making herself highly available for help outside of the class meetings, responding to all of our questions, and talking to us one-on-one. She drew upon her vast experience in and relationships with organizations in the animal movement to give us invaluable information and advice. Our group found going through the strategic planning process with Krista to be indispensable for our organizational development. I can’t imagine a more helpful strategic planning class for nonprofits in the animal movement.

Howard Nye, Organizer and Research Lead

Nation Rising

Top tier organizational development — from mundane to profound!

I write this as someone with 20+ years of nonprofit executive experience, which includes assisting dozens of groups strengthen their content and processes. I expected to glean a few gems from Krista, but WOW — Krista takes training to the next level — top tier! The hands-on aspects of budgeting, board creation, and HR are invaluable (of course). Beyond that, however, I was unexpectedly inspired and energized by Krista’s integrated, philosophical approach. With warmth and enthusiasm, she cultivates a group’s personal brand, leadership, and even theory of change. It’s obvious that she cares deeply about both the people and their missions. Her thoughtful and nuanced training provides a kickstart for immediate gains and sets the stage for long-term success. More than just logistics, Krista’s strategies and use of intention takes the seemingly mundane and makes it uniquely profound.

Dawn Moncrief, Founder and President

A Well-Fed World

Krista was fantastic to work with.

I had the pleasure of working with Krista on redoing our organization’s anti-harassment and nondiscrimination policy, and also on the training we provide to our employees on these issues in the workplace. She was clear about her pricing throughout the entire process and worked closely with me to develop a policy that worked for our organization and put our employee’s safety and well-being first. I’m grateful to have had her as a partner on this important matter.

Brooke Haggerty, Executive Director


Krista Hiddema is one of the most competent, resourceful, and accomplished professionals with which I have ever had the pleasure of working.

Previously colleagues, Krista and I worked collaboratively and successfully on several important animal protection initiatives. During those experiences, I was impressed by Krista’s exceptional management of her team, coordination of complex and high-risk investigations, ease with media relations, comfort and skill negotiating with representatives from the highest levels of the animal agriculture industry, ability to lobby in the regulatory space, and capacity to fundraise to sustain her work.
Krista’s versatility means she is able to consult on any situation in any context. Krista also holds my deepest trust as she’s guided by a strong moral compass. Working with Krista has been a privilege and her many talents would be an asset to any organization.

Jaya Buhmitra, Leadership & Management Coach

Jaya Buhmitra

My relationship with Krista has been one of the single most invaluable assets to both my personal development within the animal rights space, but also to the growth and competency of my new organization, SEED.

Her thoughtful, expert advice has helped us in so many ways, including in our strategic planning. Working with Krista on campaigns is not only fun, but she brings a fresh perspective to the work that’s hard to find elsewhere. Krista is also one of the people I trust the most for advice on organizational human resources and development strategies. She’s incredible to work with, and I highly recommend her consultancy to anyone looking to ‘level-up’ their animal rights advocacy.

Cailen LaBarge, Strategies for Ethical and Environmental Development


Krista is a master at communication.

Krista consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of these subjects and provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. Her expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in ensuring that our policies and guidelines align with best practices to foster a respectful and inclusive work environment. Furthermore, her engaging training sessions not only imparted knowledge but also empowered our team to apply the principles of respect effectively. I highly recommend Krista’s consultancy services to any organization seeking to cultivate a culture of respect and inclusivity in the workplace.

Dan McKernan, Founder

Barn Sanctuary

Krista Hiddema started working as our HR consultant in April, and by June we were already talking about extending her contract.

She’s amazing to work with! Krista works on several projects. Some are very big picture — looking years into the future, thinking about growth and big goals. Other projects are more granular such as carefully re-writing a paragraph in our Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Her sharp intelligence, professional experience and dedication to human and animal rights come through no matter what she’s working on. She has saved us money both from her excellent advice but also because she often comes in under budget. She’s very aware of how precious nonprofit dollars are! The icing on the cake, to me, is her wonderful personality. Human resources training can be difficult. I love how she gives blunt advice that cuts right to the root of the problem without losing her sense of compassion for the people involved. And when we’re working on more mundane things (like testing the conference link for a company-wide training) she always makes us laugh. She is an incredible asset to the animal movement. Every time I talk to her I’m grateful she took us on as clients!

Alex Bury, Vice President of Development

Vegan Outreach

Krista is an incredible teacher and community builder for the animal rights movement. Who or what Krista doesn’t know may not be worth knowing.

Despite being involved in strategic planning for many years in for-profit organizations, I learnt a significant amount during the 6-month strategic planning cohort. Krista ensured the course was specific to non-profit organizations and even tailored it to our specific group which were mostly animal sanctuaries. She balanced the core learning material with personal examples, invited guest speakers when relevant topics arose as well as a bi-weekly informal ‘office hours’ session where we could drop in to ask questions and chat. 

The journey we have gone on throughout this course as a team has been invaluable. We are never short of ideas, however deciding what to prioritize and what not to do is always a challenge. This process has forced us to examine our programmatic areas and make realistic plans on how to make our mission a reality. After all, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” To make a meaningful and lasting impact for our fellow animals takes planning, passion and action. 

You can hear a pin drop when Krista speaks about what she’s most passionate about in the world: helping animals.

Krista’s enthusiasm for making the world a kinder place for all spills over, and you can’t help but want to see what she sees, feel what she feels, and do what she does, which is GET INVOLVED. I highly recommend Krista as a speaker. You’ll leave feeling awed and empowered.

Jo-Anne McArthur / Photographer, Author, Founder

We Animals

Working with Krista Hiddema has been an invaluable opportunity.

The time spent working with her felt like being involved in a personalized Master Class. The tools and resources, along with her approach and methodology assisted us in shaping a solid foundation for our organizational structure and strategy. The skills I developed in our sessions are ones that I will employ from here on out, because they are effective and logical. “Class” was work, highly involved, engaged work and it was fun and personable. But to reiterate, it’s advanced level development. Anyone looking to develop and soundly structure their organizational strategy, Krista and her services are the best.
I’m grateful for the experience.

JoVonna Johnson Cooke, Vegan Chef, Activist, Farmer, Executive Director

Awali Inc.

Vegan Outreach has worked with Krista Hiddema since 2018.

Krista has helped us in implementing our Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, conducting many related pieces of training as well as various other human resources needs that arise from time to time. As an organization not large enough to have our own HR department, being able to consult with Krista has been critical for our organization. Krista’s fees are extremely reasonable for nonprofits, and especially so given her extensive resume.

Jack Norris, Executive Director

Vegan Outreach

This strategic planning course is sure to help you elevate your organization to a level needed to achieve its vision, mission, and fundraising goals.

Krista brings her expertise and personal experiences to this course, sharing what works and what doesn’t work, in a very open and candid manner. Participants are made to feel welcome and all opinions and input are welcome, ensuring you take away useful information that can be implemented into your organization’s specific plan.

Fran Rotondo, Board of Directors

Reimagine Agriculture

Krista’s ability to command the stage, engage the audience, and have them sit up in their chairs was notable.

She is knowledgeable, factual, inspirational, and delivered a concise message that was completely in alignment with the events mission. Every life counts. And we each have the power to change the world for the better, for people, animals and planet.

Madeleine Marentette, Producer, CEO

Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences working with Krista.

Having worked with Krista over the past two years I can say with confidence her consultation on matters large and small has made me, my projects, and our shared work better.  She’s insightful, deliberate,
and fearless! 

Audrey Sanchez, Executive Director


Krista is a powerhouse of inspiration and intellectual honesty.

Her forward-thinking approach to helping non-profits flourish is a true gift to the animal advocacy movement. In a world stained by systematic violence towards animals, Krista’s refreshing optimism and diverse skill set serve as catalysts to build a more compassionate world.

Christine Morrissey, Executive Director

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Krista has forgotten more about leadership, strategy, and advocacy than most nonprofit consultants will ever know.

I’ve watched in awe how she’s transformed multiple organizations to help them maximize their fundraising potential, media reach, and overall impact. Bottom line: she delivers results.

Anthony Bellotti, President/Co-Founder

Whitecoat Waste

Krista is beautiful in and out, her beauty isn’t just physical but it’s defined by her kindness and how much she loves to empower women in animal advocacy spaces.

I am honored to have been a beneficiary of her knowledge at least twice i.e. designated person training and strategic organisation master class training. My knowledge on safe space policy, fundraising, human resource management, and organisational development has improved a great deal. I highly recommend her to any organisation looking to grow in animal  rights advocacy.

Nabaasa Innocent Amumpaire, Founder

Uganda Vegan Society

One of the most powerful and inspirational speakers I have ever heard.

Krista is an extraordinary, passionate and engaging speaker who brings a wealth of information and deeply personal experiences to touch both the heart and intellect of her audience. Krista’s powerful messages of compassion and empathy inspires, motivates and empowers her audiences to want to create a better world for both people and animals.

Kimberly C. Moore, Esq. / Attorney, CEO Greenbrier Residential Property, Director of Public Relations

Fur Free Society Inc.

I would like to express my utmost appreciation for Krista’s exceptional consultancy services in reviewing our Respect in the Workplace policy, our team guidebook, and conducting a Respect in the Workplace training.

Krista consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of these subjects and provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. Her expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in ensuring that our policies and guidelines align with best practices to foster a respectful and inclusive work environment. Furthermore, her engaging training sessions not only imparted knowledge but also empowered our team to apply the principles of respect effectively. I highly recommend Krista’s consultancy services to any organization seeking to cultivate a culture of respect and inclusivity in the workplace.

Carolina Galvani, Executive Director

Sinergia Animal

Krista is one of the most inspiring instructors I have ever worked with.

She was always very attentive, she answered many questions which came up, and was able to adapt her classes so that it would meet everyone’s needs, despite that the group was large.

I am also very grateful for Krista’s support in trying to answer difficult questions I had about our organization despite the fact that they were not related to the topics of the class. Krista is simply a very experienced, kind, and inspiring person which I would highly recommend working with!

CEO, Meda Šermukšnė


Krista turns a seemingly complex ask into a simple and effective deliverable, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Her knowledge of the movement enables her to parse out even the most subtle details needed for effective animal advocacy work, which is precisely why I chose Krista to consult in policy development.  I found her to be reliable, trustworthy with confidential information, and timely. And not to mention, fun to be around! Krista is a gem and I’ll gladly return to her for future consulting needs.

Jessika Ava, MS, MPA, CEO & Founder

Thrive Philanthropy

Krista is an academic activist and a feminist vegan. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s amazing how she blasts through walls of injustice with courage and determination. She embodies all that this movement needs—dedication, skill, competence, energy, and that all-essential sense of humor. It’s her sense of humor that saves her—and it saves the rest of us, too.

Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, Prof. Philosophy and Religions, Montana State University, Billings

Lisa Kemmerer

I cannot say enough good things about Krista; she is truly one in a million.

As a start-up grassroots organisation with big plans, Animal Think Tank has benefited so much from Krista’s deep insight, knowledge and experience in HR, organisational development, strategy, governance, leadership, animal advocacy and so much more. Her support, guidance and constructive feedback (delivered ever so compassionately!) has been invaluable to us.

On a personal level I feel so blessed to have met Krista and to call her a dear friend and mentor (and one of my biggest champions!). I respect and trust her greatly. She is super smart, fiercely compassionate, no-nonsense and full of integrity. She also has a great sense of humour and her ever-present laughter and positive energy are contagious. Thank you Krista for everything!

Laila Kassam, PhD, Co-founder and Mission Lead

Animal Think Tank

Krista Hiddema has the innate ability to communicate and connect with an audience comprised of various demographics and milieus.

She is able to engage participants in active discussion with the end result being a clearer understanding of the subject at hand by both panelists and audience. I was honoured to have Krista as our moderator for a recent international panel discussion on the humanity involved in high-risk animal rescues from war torn countries.

Dana Margolis, Executive Director

The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation

Krista Hiddema has kindly facilitated several webinars for the Global Coalition of Farm Sanctuaries, and acts as a mentor to sanctuary leaders.

Her depth of experience in the realities of sanctuary life combined with her expertise in board governance, human resources, and the “business” of effectively running a nonprofit are enhanced by her gift for teaching. Krista is able to break down complex legal issues into simple terms so that we participants understand how these laws apply to our daily work.

Indra Lahiri, Storyteller

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Krista’s strategic input on helping us fight the 2016 Florida black bear trophy hunt not only helped us stop it but taught us team building methodologies which helped us unify a state and build bridges across a multitude of animal welfare organizations.

Adam Sugalski, Executive Director

One Protest

Krista delivers her important message about saving our planet with intense passion, intelligence, and fabulous humour.

Her thorough knowledge on the subject of the environment and how becoming vegan helps all the females on earth combined with her natural charisma moves the audience and inspires immediate action.

Carla Collins

Carla Collins