Krista is a transformational academic, sometimes referred to as a ‘Pracademic’. This means that she is focused on bridging practical work and academia. After having spent upwards of 30 years as an expert in matters of employment and organizational development and then as a full-time animal activist, Krista strengthens her work through her continued commitment to the importance of creating and maintaining healthy work environments for vocational activists. 

Krista’s dissertation, titled: Always for the Animals, Findings and Recommendations for Organizational Governance and Regenerative Practices in the Animal Advocacy Movement as Informed by the Stories of Women Vocational Animal Activists, can be found below and detailed in her blog titled State of the Movement.

Krista is a Doctor of Social Sciences and Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University advising master’s students.

Krista is also a member of the Editorial Team for the Journal of Critical Animal Studies and an Animals & Society Research Initiative Scholar with the University of Victoria, Canada.

Krista was honoured to contribute to the book The Good It Promises, The Harm It Does. This book, edited by Carol J. Adams, Alice Crary, and Lori Gruen, is the first to critically engage with the dangers of Effective Altruism, presenting cutting-edge work in this emerging critical domain. Krista’s chapter, chapter 12, is titled: The Power of Love to Transform Animal Lives: The Deception of Animal Quantification

Krista discusses her academic work in podcasts for Our Hen House and Hope for the Animals.